Katjan blogissa törmäsin tämmöiseen haasteeseen, jossa listataan 10 elämää koskettanutta biisiä. Tämmöiset listat ja haasteethan ovat heikkouksiani, enkä keksinyt yhtään syytä, miksi skippaisin tämän. Vaikkei tästä blogista selviäkään helpolla, niin musiikilla on suuri merkitys elämässäni enkä mene päivää läpi ilman musiikkia.

I read about a challenge in Katja's blog, where you are asked to list 10 songs that have touched you somehow in life. These kinds of lists and challenges are my weakness and I couldn't think of one reason why not to do this. Although music is not much mentioned in this blog, it still has a huge impact on my life. I couldn't go a day without music.

1. Muse - Sing For Absolution
I'm not entirely sure what it is about this song, but it's one of my all time favourites. It was the first song I heard from Muse and it's just such a beautiful song. It makes me feel calm and always inspires me to write. 

2. Zen Café - Todella Kaunis
What I like about most finnish songs is that they are so simple yet amazingly beautiful. This song has so many memories, especially from my teenage years. 

3. Snow Patrol - Set The Fire To The Third Bar
It was somehow comforting to listen to this when there was (literally) half a world between me and boyfriend a couple of years ago. We didn't see each other for 5 months, and there were times when it wasn't that easy, so this song really helped to get through that time. As well as the endless phone calls and skype sessions.

4. Lacrosse - You Can't Say No Forever
This song makes me happy every time. It perfectly describes the early stages of me and Adam's relationship. 

5. Joseph Arthur - Honey And The Moon
I have loved this song since I first heard it on the first episode of OC, which still is (no shame here) one of my favourite tv-shows. Me and my friend used to listen to this on repeat and this reminds me of those late spring nights. 

6. Olafur Arnalds - 3055
In my opinion it is the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. This too, is one of those songs that inspires me to write. It makes me think of late summer nights when sun is about to rise again and as well dark, grey, rainy autumns. I could have this on repeat all day long and never get bored of it. And I do this on a regular basis.

7. OneRepublic - Secrets
The lyrics are amazing and the music sounds so pure. It really makes me think about life and how we try to be perfect and are so scared of failing or what people think.

8. The Crash - Star
I must have been like 12 or even younger when I first heard this song. Since then it has always been on my playlist, wether it was a casette tape or on Spotify. I remember seeing them in Tavastia a few years ago, and it was one of the best gigs ever, and this song especially reminds me of that. 

9. Death Cab For Cutie - Summer Skin
This reminds of my summer nights in Finland when it doesn't get properly dark and everything just feels magical. I love just sitting on a balcony, watching the cars go by while the sun sort of sets and then rises again very quickly. 

10. Lana Del Rey - Young And Beautiful
This song has been throughout the 6 months or so on my go to song, when I'm feeling a bit down. I have it on a repeat and it helps me to think about some upcoming decisions and my future.

Tän tekeminen oli huomattavasti vaikeampaa kuin osasin ajatella. Nautin kuitenkin tästä sen verran, että voisin tulevaisuudessa kokeilla jotain samankaltaista. Ehkäpä kirjoista seuraavaksi. Mitä mieltä olette?

It was surprisingly difficult to do this. I did enjoy it though, so there is a chance I could do something similiar in the future. Perhaps about books? What do you think?


  1. Unohdin ihan Musen omalta listalta! Kuuntelin sitä tosi paljon teininä. Oma koskettava biisi yhtyeeltä on Time is running out, voi mitä muistoja! The Crashin löysin uudelleen taas monen vuoden tauon jälkeen joku aika sitten ja ai vitsit, miten tuntuu et niiden musiikki on jotenkin hirveen tuoretta edelleen? Muistan kattoneeni tuota Starin musavideota joskus telkkarista ja huokailleeni ihanalle Brunilan Teemulle :--)

    1. Mulla on monet lempibändit vaihtunut vuosien saatossa, mutta The Crash on varsinkin pysynyt siitä ihan 12-vuotiaasta asti. Et ole todellakaan yksin tuon Teemun perään huokailun - muistan harrastaneeni tätä hyvin hyvin usein itsekin :--) Ehkä vähän vieläkin ;)